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Birds & Blooms Extra

Birds & Blooms Extra

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Birds & Blooms Extra is an incredibly exciting and informative magazine that is perfect for anyone who loves birds, gardening and DIY outdoor projects! This magazine is packed with articles and tips on how to attract backyard birds, create a beautiful garden, and make your own DIY projects. It's a one-stop-shop for all your birding and gardening needs!

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned bird-watcher, you'll love the variety of reader-submitted content in Birds & Blooms Extra. From bird-watching experiences to gardening stories, it's a treasure trove of inspiration and advice. And, if you ever have any questions, you can submit them and get clear and practical advice from experts. The magazine is also filled with stunning photographs of rare birds and backyard oasis, which will transport you to the moment of discovery.

Birds & Blooms Extra is not just about birding, but also about gardening, it offers expert advice on how to garden in drought, growing fruits and vegetables, and also provide information about common garden bugs. The "Gardening 101" section is perfect for gardening newbies, providing easy and practical advice. Additionally, the magazine features ideas for growing plants that attract different kinds of birds.

For the DIY enthusiasts, Birds & Blooms Extra is a paradise, it features a wide range of DIY projects for the yard, including birdhouses, yard decor, and garden accessories like miniature ponds and planters. The magazine also offers suggestions for repurposing items from the home to make beautiful, eye-catching outdoor decor.

If you're passionate about birds, gardening, and DIY outdoor projects, then Birds & Blooms Extra is a must-have magazine for you! With a subscription, you'll have access to all the information, inspiration and advice you need to create a beautiful, bird-filled garden in your own backyard. It's truly the ultimate guide for backyard birding and gardening enthusiasts!

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