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Cobblestone magazine is a monthly publication of American history and current events for kids and children that introduces young readers to the fascinating world of history. Each issue features a different theme, such as ancient civilizations, famous explorers, influential leaders, or remarkable events. The magazine is designed to spark curiosity and inspire learning through engaging articles, colorful illustrations, fun activities, and more.

The magazine was founded in 1980 by Carus Publishing Company, which later became Cricket Media. The magazine's mission is to help children develop a lifelong interest in history and culture by presenting historical topics in an accessible and appealing way. The magazine also aims to foster critical thinking, creativity, and empathy among its readers.

One of the unique features of Cobblestone magazine is that it is written by both professional writers and young historians. The magazine encourages children to submit their own stories, poems, essays, or artwork related to the theme of each issue. The magazine also offers contests, quizzes, and challenges for its readers to test their knowledge and skills.

Another distinctive feature of Cobblestone magazine is that it covers a wide range of historical periods and perspectives. The magazine explores not only the facts and figures of history, but also the stories and experiences of the people who lived it. The magazine showcases the diversity and complexity of human history, as well as the connections and similarities among different cultures and times.

Cobblestone magazine is not only informative, but also entertaining and inspiring. The magazine uses humor, drama, suspense, and emotion to bring history to life and make it relevant to today's world. The magazine also celebrates the achievements and contributions of historical figures who made a positive difference in their communities and societies.

Cobblestone magazine is more than just a magazine. It is a learning adventure that invites children to discover the past and imagine the future. It is a treasure trove of stories and facts that enriches the minds and hearts of its readers. It is a window into the wonders and mysteries of history that opens up new horizons of knowledge and understanding.

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