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Firearms News

Firearms News

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Firearms News is a magazine that covers the latest developments, products, reviews, articles and legislative activities in the firearms industry. It is published twice a month and has been in circulation since 1946. Here are some of the topics that Firearms News covers in its issues:

Historical firearms: Firearms News features articles on the history and evolution of various guns, such as the M1A1 carbine, the M3 submachine gun, the Sten gun, and the Jungle Carbine. These articles provide technical details, historical context, and personal stories of the people who used these weapons in different wars and conflicts.

Personal defense: Firearms News also offers advice and tips on how to use firearms for personal and home defense. It covers topics such as choosing the best handgun, shotgun, or rifle for self-defense, how to store and transport firearms safely, how to train and practice with firearms, and how to deal with legal issues related to self-defense.

Industry news: Firearms News keeps its readers updated on the latest news and trends in the firearms industry. It reports on new product announcements, reviews, tests, and comparisons of different firearms and accessories. It also covers legislative activities and court cases that affect gun rights and regulations in the United States and around the world.

Parts Guide: Firearms News includes a special section called the "Paper Gun Show" that features a comprehensive guide of parts, accessories, magazines, ammunition, and services for firearms enthusiasts. It also has a section called "SARCO's Fall Parts Guide Spectacular" that showcases SARCO's extensive inventory of parts for various firearms.

Firearms News is a magazine for anyone who is interested in firearms, whether for historical, recreational, or defensive purposes. It provides reliable information, expert opinions, and practical guidance on all aspects of firearms ownership and use.

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