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Firehouse Magazine is the industry's leading trade publication devoted exclusively to the occupation of fire service. It covers every element of fire service, from heroes to regulations, and even model firetrucks .

Firehouse magazine is a publication tailored for firefighting professionals and emergency responders, offering in-depth coverage of the firefighting industry, safety protocols, equipment reviews, and relevant news. This magazine likely provides insights into the latest firefighting technologies, best practices, and training methods. With a focus on enhancing the knowledge and skills of firefighting personnel, Firehouse serves as a valuable resource for staying informed about advancements in the field, sharing experiences, and addressing critical issues related to fire service and emergency response.

In 2024, Firehouse Magazine introduced FireFusion, an all-new event concept where leadership, operations, and technology meet. This event is designed to advance the development and application of technology in the fire service. FireFusion focuses on data-based decision-making for organizational management decisions and on-scene emergency response operations. Attendees collaborate, connect, and partner with presenters, products, and service providers to facilitate more efficient firegrounds and keep firefighters safe and healthy. The event takes place in Charleston, South Carolina, where the department lost nine firefighters in the tragic 2007 Sofa Super Store fire. FireFusion honors the Charleston 9 while showcasing efforts to advance firefighter safety and health using proven and new technologies.

Firehouse Magazine's commitment to providing valuable content and fostering connections within the fire service community makes it an essential resource for professionals in this field.

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