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Frederic Magazine

Frederic Magazine

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FREDERIC Magazine is a premier design publication that offers an audacious take on the world of design. With a spirit of individuality, the magazine brings a fresh perspective to interiors, fashion, travel, and architecture.

Each issue features stunning photography and expert analysis, showcasing the unique and unexpected. Driven by curiosity and fueled by expertise, FREDERIC magazine is dedicated to providing its readers with a visual feast of the beautiful, surprising, and never-boring. 

Our editors embrace the bold and unconventional, presenting a curated collection of interiors, fashion, travel, and architecture with an eye for beauty and originality. With an audacious spirit and an unwavering devotion to surprise and delight, FREDERIC is a must-have for design enthusiasts looking to expand their horizons.

The inspiration behind FREDERIC magazine comes from the visionary Frederic Schumacher, who founded F. Schumacher & Co back in 1889. His exceptional intuition and foresight for the latest trends in interior design were unparalleled. At FREDERIC, we strive to carry on his legacy by providing our readers with cutting-edge insights and predictions on the latest happenings in the world of lifestyle, culture, fashion, and entertainment.

Our goal is to keep you ahead of the game with our top-quality content, available both in print and online. By staying true to Frederic Schumacher's innovative spirit, we aim to anticipate the latest trends and bring them to you before they hit the mainstream. With FREDERIC, you can expect to be at the forefront of the latest developments in the industry.

We take pride in our ability to deliver engaging content that keeps our readers informed and entertained. Our team of talented writers and photographers is dedicated to bringing you captivating articles, stunning visuals while capturing the world of innovative interior design.

We continue to honor Frederic Schumacher's legacy by providing the readers of FREDERIC magazine with the latest insights and predictions on lifestyle, culture, fashion, and entertainment. Our aim is to keep you ahead of the pack with our exceptional content and innovative spirit.

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