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Harper's Magazine

Harper's Magazine

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Harper's Magazine is one of the oldest and most respected literary magazines in America. It was founded in 1850 by the Harper brothers, who also established Harper & Brothers, a publishing house that later became HarperCollins. Harper's Magazine is known for its eclectic mix of fiction, essays, reporting, and commentary on politics, culture, and society.

Each issue of Harper's Magazine features a variety of genres and styles, from short stories and poems by acclaimed authors, to investigative journalism and historical analysis by renowned experts, to personal memoirs and humorous anecdotes by witty writers. The magazine also showcases original artwork, photography, and cartoons that complement the written content.

One of the most distinctive features of Harper's Magazine is the Harper's Index, a monthly list of surprising and often ironic statistics that reveal something about the state of the world. For example, the October 2021 issue included the following entries: "Percentage of Americans who say they would vote for a socialist for president: 43; Percentage who say they would vote for a vampire: 9; Number of times that Donald Trump has tweeted the word 'loser' since 2009: 279."

Another feature that sets Harper's Magazine apart from other publications is the Readings section, which consists of excerpts from books, speeches, letters, diaries, and other sources that offer insight into a current or historical topic. The Readings section often includes rare or obscure documents that are not easily accessible elsewhere.

Harper's Magazine also has a strong tradition of publishing long-form essays and reports that explore complex and controversial issues in depth. Harper's Magazine is a cultural institution that has shaped the American literary and intellectual landscape for over 170 years. It is a source of inspiration, education, and entertainment for readers who value quality writing and critical thinking. It is a magazine that challenges, provokes, and delights with every issue.

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