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High Country News

High Country News

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High Country News is a distinctive publication dedicated to the complex and captivating landscapes of the American West. With its insightful reporting and in-depth analysis, the magazine delves into the region's environmental, social, and cultural issues. Readers are treated to a blend of investigative journalism, personal essays, and stunning photography that collectively paint a vivid picture of life in the West.

Each issue of High Country News tackles a range of topics, from public lands and wildlife conservation to indigenous rights and rural community dynamics. The magazine is known for its commitment to covering stories that are often overlooked by mainstream media, providing a voice to diverse communities and fostering a deeper understanding of the region's challenges and triumphs.

High Country News also places a strong emphasis on environmental journalism, exploring the intricate relationships between people and the natural world. Articles often highlight the impact of climate change, resource management, and sustainability efforts, offering readers a nuanced perspective on these critical issues. The magazine's thought-provoking content encourages readers to engage with and reflect on the pressing matters facing the American West.

In addition to its print and online editions, High Country News hosts events and discussions that bring together readers, writers, and experts to explore the topics covered in its pages. This sense of community and shared purpose enriches the magazine's mission to inform and inspire those who care deeply about the future of the West.

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