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National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

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National Geographic Kids Magazine is a fun and educational magazine for children who love to explore the world. It is packed with amazing stories, facts, photos, games, and activities that will spark your curiosity and inspire you to learn more about nature, science, culture, and history.

Some of the features in the magazine are:

Weird But True: This section is full of surprising and hilarious facts that will make you say "Wow!" and "Eww!" You can also submit your own weird but true facts and see if they get published in the magazine.

Amazing Animals: This section showcases the incredible diversity and beauty of wildlife on our planet. You can learn about different animals, their habitats, behaviors, and adaptations. You can also find out how you can help protect them and their environment.

Explorer's Corner: This section takes you on an adventure with real-life explorers who are doing amazing things around the world. You can read about their discoveries, challenges, and tips for becoming an explorer yourself. You can also ask them questions and share your own stories.

Fun Stuff: This section is full of games, puzzles, jokes, quizzes, crafts, and recipes that will keep you entertained and challenged. You can also enter contests and win prizes.

Cool Posters: Every issue of the magazine comes with a cool poster that you can hang on your wall or share with your friends. The posters feature stunning images of animals, places, or phenomena that will wow you.

National Geographic Kids Magazine is more than just a magazine. It is a community of young explorers who are passionate about discovering and understanding the world. By subscribing to the magazine, you will also get access to the website, app, videos, podcasts, and events that will enrich your learning experience. You will also join a global network of kids who are making a difference by taking action for a better future.

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