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National Wildlife Magazine

National Wildlife Magazine

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National Wildlife Magazine is a publication of the National Wildlife Federation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting wildlife and their habitats. The magazine was founded in 1937 as Conservation News and later renamed to National Wildlife in 1962. Since then, it has been providing readers with inspiring stories, stunning photographs, and expert tips on how to enjoy and conserve nature.

The magazine features articles on various topics related to wildlife, such as endangered species, conservation efforts, wildlife gardening, eco-travel, climate change, and more. The magazine also showcases the winners of the annual National Wildlife Photo Contest, which attracts thousands of entries from amateur and professional photographers around the world. The magazine is published four times a year and has a circulation of over 500,000 subscribers.

One of the reasons why someone might want to subscribe to National Wildlife Magazine is to learn more about the amazing diversity of life on our planet and how to protect it for future generations. The magazine offers practical advice on how to create wildlife-friendly habitats in your own backyard, how to attract birds and butterflies, how to reduce your environmental impact, and how to get involved in local and national conservation initiatives. The magazine also helps you discover new places to explore and enjoy nature, whether it's a national park, a wildlife refuge, or a hidden gem in your own neighborhood.

Another reason why someone might want to subscribe to National Wildlife Magazine is to support the mission and work of the National Wildlife Federation. By subscribing, you become a member of the federation and help fund its programs and campaigns that advocate for wildlife and the environment. You also get access to exclusive benefits, such as discounts on travel, merchandise, and events, invitations to webinars and workshops, and opportunities to participate in citizen science projects and volunteer activities.

National Wildlife Magazine is more than just a magazine. It's a way to connect with nature and join a community of people who share your passion and values. It's a way to stay informed and inspired by the beauty and wonder of wildlife. And it's a way to make a difference for the planet and its inhabitants. If you love wildlife and want to help protect it, subscribe to National Wildlife Magazine today!
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