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Portland Monthly Magazine

Portland Monthly Magazine

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Portland Monthly is a monthly city magazine that captures the diverse essence of Portland, Oregon. Covering a wide array of topics, the magazine serves as a comprehensive guide to Portland's culture, lifestyle, events, and issues.

Content and Focus:
The magazine provides in-depth coverage of local events, dining, arts and culture, travel, fashion, and city life. It offers detailed features on notable Portland residents, businesses, and artists, showcasing the city's creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Culinary Exploration:
A significant focus of Portland Monthly lies in Portland's renowned culinary scene. It reviews restaurants, food carts, and cafes, reflecting the city's diverse and innovative gastronomy, from farm-to-table experiences to emerging food trends.

Arts and Culture:
Portland Monthly delves into the city's arts and cultural events, featuring gallery openings, theater productions, music festivals, and literary events. It acts as a cultural compass, guiding readers to the best cultural experiences in the city.

City Life and Events:
The magazine serves as a guide to Portland's social scene, highlighting local events, festivals, and community initiatives. It also discusses topics related to urban development, sustainability, and profiles local businesses, capturing Portland's progressive ethos.

Travel and Lifestyle:
Portland Monthly explores travel destinations within the city and the Pacific Northwest region, offering travel guides and outdoor adventure suggestions. The magazine also covers lifestyle topics, including health, wellness, and local trends.

Digital Presence:
In addition to its print edition, Portland Monthly maintains an active online presence, offering articles, event listings, and interactive content on its website, providing real-time updates on local events and trends.

Portland Monthly offers a rich tapestry of experiences and making it a must-read for those seeking to immerse themselves in the city's dynamic culture.

12 issues/year (4 print + 8 digital)

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