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Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly

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Publishers Weekly is a weekly news magazine that covers the international book publishing and bookselling industry. It was founded in 1872 as The Publishers' Weekly, a collective catalogue for publishers to pool their resources and inform booksellers about forthcoming titles. Over the years, it expanded to include features, articles, reviews, bestseller lists, commentaries and more. It is considered "the bible of the book business" by many professionals in the field.

Publishers Weekly provides timely and comprehensive information on all aspects of the book world, from the creation, production, marketing and sale of the written word in various formats. It also covers the latest trends, innovations, challenges and opportunities in the publishing industry. Publishers Weekly is a trusted source of news, analysis, opinion and insight for publishers, booksellers, librarians, literary agents, authors, media and anyone interested in books.

Publishers Weekly publishes about 9,000 book reviews every year, covering a wide range of genres, categories and topics. The reviews are written by experts and critics who evaluate the books based on their literary merit, originality, relevance and appeal. Publishers Weekly also selects the best books of the year in various categories, as well as the most notable debuts and the most influential authors. The reviews are available online and in print, as well as in digital editions and podcasts.

Publishers Weekly also offers a variety of features and columns that explore different aspects of the book publishing and bookselling business. Some of these include:

- Q&A: Interviews with authors, editors, publishers and other industry figures.
- Soapbox: Opinion pieces by authors and other book professionals on various topics related to books and publishing.
- ShelfTalker: A blog by booksellers who share their experiences, insights and recommendations from the frontlines of bookselling.
- BookLife: A website and magazine dedicated to self-publishing and indie authors, offering resources, tips, advice and success stories.
- Global Rights Report: A weekly newsletter that covers the latest news and deals in international book rights.

Publishers Weekly also produces special issues and supplements throughout the year that focus on specific themes, markets, genres or events. Some of these include:

- Fall Announcements: A preview of the most anticipated books coming out in the fall season.
- Best Books: A roundup of the best books of the year in various categories.
- Children's Starred Reviews: A collection of the best children's and young adult books reviewed by Publishers Weekly.
- Religion BookLine: A newsletter that covers the latest news and trends in religion publishing.

If you want to stay informed about the book publishing and bookselling industry, Publishers Weekly is the magazine for you.

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