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Southern Home

Southern Home

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Southern Home magazine is a curated celebration of the distinctive charm and elegance that defines Southern living. From gracious interiors to sprawling landscapes, the magazine invites readers into the heart of the South, where tradition meets modern sophistication in a harmonious blend of comfort and style.

Gracious Interiors and Timeless Design: At the core of Southern Home is a showcase of gracious interiors that embody the spirit of Southern design. The magazine unveils homes that exude timeless elegance, featuring a fusion of antiques, heirlooms, and contemporary elements. Each issue offers a visual journey through rooms adorned with rich fabrics, classic furnishings, and a keen attention to detail that reflects the artistry of Southern design.

Landscape and Outdoor Living: The Southern lifestyle extends beyond the walls of the home, and Southern Home captures the allure of Southern landscapes and outdoor living. From expansive gardens to charming porches and inviting patios, the magazine explores how outdoor spaces become extensions of Southern homes. Landscapes are not just backdrops; they are integral elements in the story of Southern living.

Seasonal Decor and Entertaining: Recognizing the importance of seasons in Southern culture, the magazine embraces the art of seasonal decor and entertaining. Southern Home provides inspiration for creating inviting spaces that reflect the changing seasons, from springtime garden parties to cozy autumn gatherings. It's a guide to infusing homes with the warmth and character that each season brings.

Architectural Features and Restoration: Beyond interior design, Southern Home delves into architectural features and the restoration of historic homes. The magazine showcases homes with character and history, often featuring stories of preservation and the art of blending modern amenities with the architectural legacy of the South. It's a testament to the importance of preserving and celebrating the unique architectural heritage of the region.

Southern Home magazine is a tapestry of Southern living, weaving together the threads of gracious interiors, captivating landscapes, seasonal celebrations, and a commitment to preserving the architectural legacy of the South. Through its pages, readers are invited to savor the sophistication and comfort that define the Southern home.

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